Which Mask is Better to Use Against COVID-19?

October 27, 2020

Cloth Mask vs. Surgical Mask

Before the question of wearing a mask became political; doctors, scientists, and those suffering from asthmatic problems around the world have worn them to protect themselves from harmful particles in the air, viruses, and previous pandemics.

Facemasksoffer protection from particulate matter of all sizes. They’re also helpful for people who work in factory environments. But, as you now know, they help prevent disease. The facemask prevents your saliva particles from attaching itself to others – and the mask also prevents entry from harmful microscopic particles.

The quality and type of mask you have defines what level of protection you have and are offering to those around you.

Masks were never a trending fashion statement . . . until 2020.

Since we live in an Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok world – even the most mundane and basics of PPE are now subject to the fashion police’s scrutiny. More importantly, more attractive masks often may become the reason why someone wears a mask or doesn’t.

This has brought into the marketplace several attractive or trendy masks which may not actually be helping protect you or those around you from the coronavirus.

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Cloth Mask vs. Surgical Mask

So, which is better? Honestly, there are many masks now in the marketplace that are very effective against viruses like the one that causes COVID19.

The most commonly known mask; N95 is meant for medical use, but it has been quickly adapted as the “go-to” mask for several who want optimum protection.

N95 masks are good, as long as they have NIOSH approval. This certification is issued by the CDC to masks that pass their rigorous test.

So if you’re in the market for a non-cloth mask, your best bet is to find a mask like the Venus CN95+ or Magnum N95.

How will you know if your NIOSH certification is valid? It’s pretty easy. The CDC has put up a guideline of how to spot the real deal here.
Venus CN95+

In several independent scientific studies it has been shown that the cloth mask helps prevents droplets from being released outside. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear in public settings. But, for greater protection against micro particles, surgical masks like the CN95+ or NIOSH Approved N95 are superior in many ways.

As long as you ensure that your mask is certified or approved by the CDC or FDA, you will definitely be well equipped to step out into public.

So, which is better? It depends on usage, but the N95 is a much better choice, if you have the option, choose us and choose it over the cloth mask

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

October 27, 2020