Jeuveau® Now Available Through Pipeline Medical

Want more reasons to smile? At Pipeline Medical, we are pleased to offer you unparalleled benefits on Jeuveau®. With us, you get:

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Developed With Hi-Pure™ Technology

Ready To Uncover Precision With Jeuveau®

Jeuveau® is the most precise neurotoxin available. It acts like the other leading neurotoxins but is long lasting and has a short "therapeutic window" quick onset of action. It is proven effective in as little as 2 days and as long as 4 months.

No More Lines With Jeuveau®

Every vial of Jeuveau® comes packed with precision

Jeuveau® puts control of fast-acting, long-lasting intramuscular results in the hands of the provider. After 30 days, over 94% of patients said they felt "much improved" or "improved," and you know what: numbers don't lie.

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Experience the Difference: Jeuveau's Dedication to Sublime Results
Ready to Uncover Precision With Jeuveau®?

Frown lines are now avoidable because Jeuveau® is affordable

70% of U.S. patients using Jeuveau® saw a 2-grade or better improvement in frown lines after 30 days. Get deeper quarterly discounts and more marketing benefits. Pipeline Medical is pleased to announce that we now offer Jeuveau®, by Evolus, at an exclusively low price for Pipeline customers.

Now That You Have Jeuveau® Looking Young Is Possible

Real World Patient Satisfaction
Backed By Clinical Data

FDA-approved 900-kDa neurotoxin; Jeuveau® has proven its efficacy for desired results. The modern-made neurotoxin was released in 2019 to reduce wrinkles proved by studies on over 2,100 subjects in 5 clinical trials.


(EV 001) for Jeuveau®

Only 1.2% of patients showed positive results in the placebo group compared to Jeuveau® where 67.5% showed results.


(EV002) for Jeuveau®

Only 1.3% of patients showed positive results in the placebo arm compared to the Jeuveau® group 70% showed results.

Pipeline Medical: Your Premier Destination for Jeuveau®

At Pipeline Medical, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cosmetic enhancements. Embracing the potent power of the Jeuveau® neurotoxin, we’re committed to offering treatments tailored to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines. Our pledge to you:

  • ELITE OFFERS: Benefit from our exclusive Jeuveau® pricing, the modern-made botulinum toxin tailored to perfection.
  • CLINICAL PRECISION: Our expertly injected treatments ensure optimal results with every 20 units of Jeuveau used.
  • COSMETIC INNOVATION: Experience the pinnacle of cosmetic procedures with reduced operational costs.

Unveiling Jeuveau®

Stepping into the world of cosmetic neurotoxins, Jeuveau® emerges as a leader, seamlessly blending efficacy with modern-made prabotulinumtoxina-xvfs technology. As a top-tier FDA-approved botulinum toxin product, Jeuveau® is the choice of many seeking to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines.

Jeuveau® Distinctions

Jeuveau® isn’t just another injectable. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Precision in 20 Units: Every injection is formulated with 20 units of Jeuveau®, meticulously calibrated for optimal outcomes.
  • A Cut Above: With its unique prabotulinumtoxina-xvfs foundation, Jeuveau® distinguishes itself from the crowd of botulinum toxin products.

Jeuveau® Advantages

Dive into the myriad benefits that Jeuveau® brings to the table:

  • Prompt Results: Experience a swift improvement in frown lines, notably between the eyebrows (glabellar lines).
  • Sustained Impact: The transformative results of Jeuveau® may last up to 4 months, offering an extended period of aesthetic satisfaction.
  • Tailored Approach: Each planned injection site is meticulously chosen, ensuring every drop of Jeuveau® counts.

Your Jeuveau® Journey Awaits

Eager to rejuvenate your skin? Book your appointment online today and let Jeuveau® address those lines and wrinkles.

Being Informed with Jeuveau®

Safety first! Here’s what you need to know when opting for Jeuveau®:

  • Prior history with botulinum toxin products? Inform your healthcare provider.
  • Potential side effects of Jeuveau® can include drooping eyelids, muscle weakness, or allergic reactions.
  • Rare but serious symptoms like trouble swallowing, blurred vision, or difficulty breathing necessitate immediate medical intervention.
  • Consult the medication guide for a comprehensive understanding.

Experiencing side effects? Report them to the FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088.

Jeuveau®: Where Precision Meets Results

Infused with the distinct prabotulinumtoxina-xvfs formula, Jeuveau® guarantees precision in every vial. Designed for treating moderate to severe frown lines, its fast-acting essence provides providers with definitive, lasting outcomes. The evidence is clear: 94% of patients witnessed notable enhancement within 30 days, making Jeuveau® a frontrunner in cosmetic neurotoxin solutions.

Jeuveau® in Comparison

While the market boasts of renowned botulinum toxin brands such as Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin, and Myobloc, Jeuveau® carves its niche with its signature modern-made tox formulation and unparalleled results.

As you explore the world of Jeuveau® and its competitors, remember the unique allure of Jeuveau®. Here’s where aesthetics meets precision, and where you get to rediscover your radiant self.

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