Lubricating Jelly

When to Use Lubricating Jelly in the Medical Field

Blog Medical lubricants help ease discomfort in patients and make it quicker and easier for surgeons, doctors, and medical practitioners to perform certain medical and surgical procedures. Medicinal castor oil, Surgilube, Lignocaine, and even K-Y jelly are popular surgical lubricants.  When should a medical lubricant be used?  Invasive medical procedures requiring the insertion of a

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Masks for everyone

Blog Somebody Stop Me … from wearing the Wrong Type of Mask! Learn everything you need to know about the wrong types of masks. Repeated multiple studies have shown the effectiveness of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of incurable diseases. The coronavirus pandemic has brought along with it a ton of new information

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stethoscope 1

All I Want For Christmas is The Perfect Stethoscope

Blog Our Top 5 Bestselling Stethoscopes for Cardiologists, Nurses, and Medical Practitioners Choosing the right stethoscope is always a challenge. You want precision and a good deal. We’ve all been there, it’s Christmas and we don’t know what to get for our colleagues at the nursing home, hospital, or clinic. Well, look no further! We’ve

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COVID Vaccines

COVID Vaccines and What We Know So Far

Blog A vaccine is a biological cocktail that is designed to give you immunity to a certain disease. It usually contains a key ingredient that mimics the disease-causing organism. It uses a weakened or dead form of the disease itself to develop immunity within the vaccine recipient’s body. When will a COVID vaccine be available?

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Giving Tuesday: New Masks for Nurses

Blog A Pipeline Medical Initiative An unfathomable amount of appreciation and respect must be given to all medical professionals, especially this year. It has been a tough year for medical professionals. Doctors, nurses, and all healthcare workers have been at greater risk of being infected by the coronavirus than normal people – simply because they

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What You Need To Know About Physician Dispensing 2020 (02)

What You Need to Know About Physician Dispensing 2020

Blog Nearly half of your patients aren’t taking the medicines you’ve prescribed to them – as you have – creating a disconnect between their health and your efficacy as a physician. The World Health Organization reports that, on average, around 125,000 people die every year due to wrong medicine intake or lack thereof. While there’s

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coronavirus-sample-procedure- Insurance and COVID-19

Insurance and COVID-19: Everything you need to know ​

Blog When the coronavirus first hit the world, no one knew how deep its impact would be. But as time passed COVID-19 showed itself to be one of the deadliest pandemics in recent history. Early on, medical insurance companies were offering the same copay options as with any other ailment, where patients had to shell

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The Chemistry behind the COVID19 Test

The Chemistry behind the COVID19 Test

Blog Do you have COVID19? How can you be sure? Why is the test important? And what is the real science behind a COVID test? In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is important to test and isolate the disease. The country of New Zealand knows this better than most. They shut

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Why You Should Never Put Your Fingers Inside a Sharps Container

Why You Should Never Put Your Fingers Inside a Sharps Container

Blog The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates nearly 385,000 Health Care workers are exposed to blood and body fluids through acute and skin injuries each year. There are 600,000 needle stick injuries (NSIs) and only half of these ever get reported. Perform the Candy Test The container you use for your sharps

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Which Mask is Better to Use Against COVID-19?

Blog Cloth Mask vs. Surgical Mask Before the question of wearing a mask became political; doctors, scientists, and those suffering from asthmatic problems around the world have worn them to protect themselves from harmful particles in the air, viruses, and previous pandemics. Facemasksoffer protection from particulate matter of all sizes. They’re also helpful for people who work

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PEE for YOU and YOUR patient’s safety

PPE for YOU and YOUR patient’s safety

If you’re a medical office, chances are your patients are desperately in need you to reopen during the coronavirus. While hospitals continue being inundated with patients, it is the private medical practice that serves as a way to treat other ailments and continue providing medical assistance to those in need.

At Pipeline Medical, in addition to streamlining medical supply, we want to ensure that you continue offering the same great service to your patients in this time of need.

Since the onset of the coronavirus, it is not just surgeons and medical practitioners who have turned to PPE. Every office, school, retail shop, and restaurant is now utilizing items, which once were allocated strictly for medical personnel. Due to this severe increase in demand, it is now more important than ever to ensure you have enough personal protective equipment for your staff and your patients.

The FDA, for the first time in history has created two lists pertaining to PPE. The first is the PPE shortage list. This clearly indicates PPE items that are running short right now and their expected date of replenishment.

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The Economic Impact of COVID-19

COVID-19 has been an overall wake-up call for the world. While the virus and its biological effects take a toll on the health of millions around the world, the economic impact from the disease has been hard hitting.

The United States weekly unemployment numbers were at 4.4 million ending the week of April 23, 2020. Some total 26 million total jobless claims in the short span of 5 weeks.

There’s little surprise that the people who are suffering the most at this time are those in the travel & hospitality industries. Companies like Walt Disney World and Marriott both announced furloughs for staff, leaving several with no source of income during these uncertain times.

Pebblebrook Hotel Trust, the company that runs 50 hotels in the US let go of 4,000 employees. Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group let go of 2,000 employees.

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PPE Heist – How to Spot Fake PPE like the Pros

Personal protective equipment or PPE is a hot commodity. Demand has skyrocketed way beyond the current supply. It’s a world’s race to obtain products to protect workers and citizens across the globe.

As a medical supply company for 13 years, we’re seasoned at spotting fraud, cheaters, and fake products. Never have we seen a market so full of suspicious products and people vying to cheat you out of money and time.

Buyer Beware

There are many challenges when navigating the PPE world and its deals.

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new zealand

Flattening the Curve & How New Zealand Got to Zero Cases and Achieved 100+ days without Community Spread of the Coronavirus

By now, you’ve ogled at and interpreted several charts, graphs, all relating to COVID-19, especially those talking about flattening the curve.

In simple terms to flatten the curve of a disease means trying to ensure that there is a delay in contagion from one person to another – and slow down the spread of a virus to tackle it patient to patient. If all people get sick at the same time there will not be enough hospital beds to save them.

By wearing masks and other PPE, practicing social distancing, the virus has a lower chance of succeeding and infecting others. Hence the curve starts to flatten.

Several states across the U.S. have started reopening the economy, which means in order to truly follow the guidelines given by the CDC on flattening the curve – everyone should be wearing a mask and practicing social distancing to avoid spread of the coronavirus.

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Everything You Need To Know About Allocations

Back orders and allocations are inevitable in any industry, and especially susceptible in the medical industry. With such a high demand for supplies, manufacturers either do not make a sufficient amount of products to match the rising number of sales or distributors warehouses underpredict how much stock would be needed.

Sometimes, unforeseen natural disasters occur, leaving manufacturers and distributors without the opportunity to fulfill any orders. In 2018, there was an IV bag shortage due to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico; the Hurricane “amplified the IV bag shortage, in particular, sodium chloride 0.9% injection bags, which are ubiquitous in medical facilities and hospitals”.

As a result, clients (in our case, physician offices, surgery centers, medical spas, biological laboratories) were left at large, scrambling to find any distributor with remaining stock to avoid disruptions in procedures.

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