Pipeline’s mission is to be the cost savings leader and the single source provider for all products and services needed for surgical centers and private practices. Pipeline provides superior customer service coupled with prices that cannot be beat.

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Our Story

After noticing the disparity in medical supply pricing across the various facilities where they performed procedures, our founders rallied together a group of colleagues to form a purchasing group. Within the first year they noticed that the prices were lower and became stabilized with muchless fluctuation. As they added more colleagues to their group, the combined purchasing power allowed them to further reduce pricing. After this trial, a customer support team was developed – providing material and procurement management services typically reserved for hospitals but now for physician offices and surgery centers.

Today, Pipeline Medical has grown from those initial doctors in New Jersey to practices all across America. Despite the growth, Pipeline Medical continues to keep our founders’ initial values alive by becoming an advocate of doctors and partnering with their practices.

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Pipeline Medical serves our customers as both a GPO and a distributor for our members. Our unique model allows pipeline to leverage our buying power and reduce your cost while providing complete procurement management services.

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How Pricing Works

Members join Pipeline after being told they receive the best prices from their current GPO or distributor. Pipeline typically saves customers 20%-50% on their purchases.

This is because individually the GPO and distributor are only half of the equation dictating price. A GPO negotiates prices with manufacturers then provides that price to a distributor. A distributor dictates the selling cost of the product to each customer.

Pipeline Medical serves as the doctor’s advocate by having one price for all members. Not changing price for each customer, like the competition. Pipeline Medical alleviates the need for you to navigate the complex web of pricing and pronouncement by providing a one-stop-shop online store with the best prices. Period.