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Pipeline Medical provides a wide variety of gauze, gloves, needles, syringes, lidocaine, sodium chloride, hylenex, and isopropyl alcohol products all in one place.

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Extensive variety of gauze, gloves, needles, syringes, lidocaine, sodium chloride, hylenex, & isopropyl alcohol products

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save 20% - 50% on monthly medical supply costs.

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At Pipeline Medical, you get quick delivery and top-of-the-line material management services as part of your free membership. Members save 8 – 12 hours per week.

With Pipeline Medical, you’ll have a dedicated representative to ensure your practice has everything it needs – saving you a great deal in finding backordered or replacement products. Our unique structure and partnerships have enabled us to provide savings to major plastic surgery clinics, major hospital chains, top tier cities across the United States, plastic surgeons, and various medical practitioners, since 2007.

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Save 20-50% on Medical SPA Supplies

So what exactly is Pipeline Medical?

Pipeline acts as a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Distributor, and material management company to your practice, saving you 14 hours per week on medical supply management. Your patients will be happier, your practice will be more profitable, and you can scale your practice without losing profitability.

The Problem​

Our founders, who are doctors, noticed the cost of medical and surgical supplies was significantly lower at hospitals versus their facilities.

The Solution

Intrigued, they rallied together colleagues from around the country to form a purchasing group.

How much will you save?

Within the first year, they started seeing pricing levels drop significantly. The rest is history.

The amount varies depending on your situation. Fill out this form to request a free cost savings analysis. Meanwhile, here’s an example of an actual Pipeline client.

Medical Spa Saving

Case Study
Anonymous Medical Spa Center, New York City

Medical Spa Case Study

About the Client

Medical Spa Center is run by many doctors and more along with fully staffed patient care and office teams to perform procedu- res and run the office.

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Medical Spa
Hylenex Recombinant 1 mL


Medical Spa Lidocaine
Lidocaine HCI 1% and Epinephrine 30 ml


case study anonymous plastic surgery center new york city

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