Plastic Surgery Suppliers

The Best Plastic Surgery Suppliers of 2021 in the US

August 23, 2021

Plastic Surgery Suppliers are growing awareness in terms of reconstructive procedures globally. Recently, it has been estimated that there is a global shortage of plastic surgery suppliers in some countries but plastic surgery has an extensive tradition of supplying aid. These suppliers have created an impact on surgical care that has followed a cost-effective scenario in the surgical world. Sustainable surgical care is considered essential so as to raise the efforts of the plastic surgery community and address the issues relating to the resources. The US has most of the leading plastic surgery suppliers that play a crucial role in terms of global health. They also offer a broad catalog of supplies to choose from. Following is the 2021 list of plastic surgery suppliers in the US that provides medical equipment and instruments that are industry-specific.

Popular Plastic surgery supplies:

  • Silicone implants, sheeting, and tubing
  • Specialty and standard instruments for plastic surgery
  • Suggested instruments by procedure
  • Swiss therapy hydrogel

Top plastic surgery suppliers:

  • Phoenix Instruments INC: Phoenix Instruments is the leading plastic surgery supplier in the US. The company offers a plethora of products, especially surgical instruments like varieties of scissors, needle holders, and forceps. The company provides health care facilities and their business includes the wholesale distribution of plastic surgery supplies and other medical apparatus all over the US.
  • Dealmed Medical Supplies LLC: Dealmed is a leader in medical supplies and healthcare facilities. Apart from being a plastic surgery supplier, Dealmed also deals with equipment like syringes, vaccines, and numerous health care facilities. Based in New York City, Dealmed supplies medical aid all over the USA and has a huge range of products and services. Dealmed has been recognized as a Commercial Equipment and Supplies Merchant in Wholesalers Industry.
  • Medical Device Depot, INC: Medical Device Depot, Inc or MDD is known as one of the predominant plastic surgical supplies and equipment in the US. MDD believes in the motto of changing the way of purchasing medical supplies by healthcare professionals across the world. The company provides highly qualified knowledgeable representatives who can answer customer queries. It understands the requirements and guarantees courteous service with assistance in surgical supplies in all possible ways.
  • ASSI: ASSI or Accurate Surgical and Scientific Instruments is a leading provider of the best quality plastic surgery supplies and other surgical instrumentation in the US. ASSI offers a broadcast selection of plastic surgery supplies that are required for plastic surgery procedures. Some of them are Endoscopes, Breast Dissectors and Markers, Face Lift Retractors, Microdissection Needles, Stay Sharp Supercut Scissors, and a variety of other plastic surgery supplies. ASSI equipment is made with the highest quality materials that are genuine and trustworthy.
  • Pipeline Medical: Pipeline Medical is a leading supplier of medical supplies and equipment to plastic surgery centers in multiple states. Our rates for fillers, toxins, pharmaceuticals, are usually 20-50% cheaper than any other competitors. Plus, after being in business since 2007, we’ve established relationships with manufacturers and brands to come up with promotions on items that are needed the most – helping independent plastic surgery clinics and centers be more profitable.

The list above consists of some of the major plastic surgery suppliers in the US. The companies supply plastic surgery instruments, products, tools, and more for professionals and surgeons at very reasonable rates globally. Medical supplies and equipment are readily are made available for all cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures all over the US. In 2021, the companies have been distributing high-quality products considering customer satisfaction of long market experience with the rapid delivery procedure.

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

August 23, 2021