Why Pipeline Medical is your preferred Medline Distributor

March 25, 2021

Established in 2007, Pipeline Medical is operating as one of the most trusted providers of medical supplies and personal protective equipment (PPE). Consolidating various manufacturers and supply chain organizations, Pipeline Medical has carved a special niche for itself in the highly technical field of medical equipment distribution. Functioning as a distribution partner of various medical manufacturers, Pipeline Medical has been a one of the foremost providers of medical supplies and specialty products of Medline – a leading manufacturer of high-quality state-of-the-art medical equipment.

Although Medline has a distributor network, here is why Pipeline Medical is your preferred Medline Distributor.

  1. Direct Partnership: Pipeline Medical has a direct distribution partnership with Medline and various other manufacturers, ensuring exclusive factory direct distribution and provision of medical supplies. With their expertise in supply chains and logistics, Pipeline Medical ensures direct, efficient, and timely delivery of medical products.
  1. Operations: Pipeline Medical has optimized its functions and consolidated multiple supply chains for consistent and efficient distribution/supply of medical equipment as and when required. With streamlined operations, they offer free expert Material Management support to help with pricing, ensuring annual savings of 20%–50% on medical supplies per year, and management of supply chains, saving up to 12 hours of work time spent per week.
  1. Customer Service: With a committed customer support team to help with requirements, recommendations, and queries, Pipeline Medical ensures excellent customer service, which has established their consistent presence in the market. With this, the ease of order placement is apparent as all orders can be placed online using the web store or offline via phone, email, or fax.
  1. Products: Sourcing high-quality products directly from manufacturers such as Medline, Pipeline Medical offers a wide range of products that are required at healthcare institutions, including medical equipment, medicines, injectables, fillers, lab equipment, surgical equipment, disposables, and PPE at reasonable prices.
  1. Pricing: With competitive rates, Pipeline Medical offers a range of high-quality products with pricing tiers based on the customer’s budget. Pipeline ensures that their customers save from 20% to 50% on medical supplies per year and allow members access to high-end and high-price medical and pharmaceutical products at an economical cost.
  1. Customer Base: Pipeline Medical has a long-standing customer base and has supplied equipment to various government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels; integrated delivery networks; group purchasing organizations; healthcare facilities; and other markets such as Retail, Industrial, Aviation, Hospitality, and so on.
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  1. Delivery and Distribution: Pipeline Medical ensures exclusive distribution directly from the manufacturing unit. Monitoring the output every step of the way and ensuring complete compliance with all the standard regulations, deliveries are completed within 1-2 days with free Material Management service for free. Moreover, Pipeline is known for its quick and consistent delivery, ensuring that all products are available at all times.
  1. Ethics: Pipeline Medical has been established by medical professionals to assist the community of doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers and add value to their service. Complying with all the federal regulations, Pipeline Medical is built on a strong framework of ethics and responsibility when it comes to business in the medical field. Putting the customers’ needs before everything else, Pipeline is built on the core values of ethics and transparency, which makes them the most reliable distributors in the business.
  1. Stellar Performance during Testing Times – Perhaps nowhere else was Pipeline Medicals role more relevant and visible than during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a frontrunner, we have stood by both the government and the healthcare industry by being a pillars of strong support. It is this commitment and zeal towards our work that makes Pipeline Medical the ideal choice for multitudes of people across the country.

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by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

March 25, 2021