Why Leading Hospitals are Turning to Pipeline Medical as a Secondary Supplier

June 3, 2021

Hospitals’ medical supplies needs are at an all-time high due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With supply chain disruption and unprecedented shortages occurring more often, procurement of medical devices and supplies when needed can be a huge hassle. Although having a trusted supplier can be helpful, hospitals and healthcare facilities must be prepared in case there is another shortage or the supplier is unable to deliver the required devices for any reason. In such cases, sourcing the supplies from different vendors can ensure that the healthcare facility does not run out of essential devices and materials.

Read on for more information about alternative sourcing and how Pipeline Medical can help as a secondary supplier.


Alternative sourcing

Sourcing devices and material from multiple sources can be a problem for many healthcare facilities. This is because getting supplies from many different sources can complicate the issuing of purchase orders, logistics, and other aspects. However, during the pandemic, having a secondary supplier can actually be a boon.

Alternative or dual sourcing involves the inclusion of a secondary supplier to the vendor list. This is a precautionary measure to ensure a steady supply of medical supplies at all times. If essential supplies are unavailable at the primary source, a secondary supplier can step in and provide the supplies when needed. This can help save the healthcare facility time and effort and even help doctors protect the lives of patients in time.

At times like these, here is how having a secondary supplier like Pipeline Medical can help:

  1. Bypassing manufacturing delays and supply chain disruption

Owing to shortages of raw material, malfunction, limited labor, and so on, there can be long, unaccountable delays during the manufacture of medical devices and supplies. In case of such a delay from a primary vendor, there are high chances of supply chain disruption. A secondary supplier can serve as a back-up and prevent this from happening.

  1. Comparing prices and getting a better deal

Having more than one supplier can help healthcare facilities compare prices and negotiate for a better deal on their requirements. It is easier to then choose from among the vendors. This can help buyers get quality supplies at reasonable rates.

  1. Having a back-up in case the primary vendor goes out of business.

In tough times like the pandemic, several manufacturers and suppliers have shut shop and ceased operations without any warning. This can leave healthcare organizations and buyers helpless and vulnerable due to lack of supplies. Having an alternative source can help prevent any interruption to daily operations. With a primary and secondary supplier, one can rest assured that the supplies will reach the people who need them.

Choosing Pipeline Medical as a secondary supplier

Providing high-quality medical devices and supplies, Pipeline Medical is one of the most trusted medical suppliers throughout the country. Here is why Pipeline Medical is an ideal secondary supplier.

  1. Pipeline Medical is a direct distributor of medical equipment manufacturers such as Medline, ensuring exclusive factory direct distribution of medical equipment and supplies. If a customer cannot find equipment at the original manufacturer, Pipeline Medical is sure to have the required supplies.
  2. Pipeline Medical has everything a healthcare facility can require. It is home to a wide range of products including medical equipment, instruments, supplies, and pharmaceutical products.
  3. Pipeline Medical has multiple supply chains to ensure consistent availability and timely delivery of supplies, along with the bespoke customer service.
  4. Pipeline Medical ensures that clients can avail high-quality medical equipment at competitive prices.
  5. Most importantly, Pipeline Medical allows customers to simply place orders online. Customers can also use the website store or contact Pipeline Medical via telephone, email, or fax.

Securing the supply chain

There are several merits in having an alternative source for medical supplies, not only during the pandemic but at all times. With Pipeline Medical as a secondary supplier, healthcare organizations can secure the supply chain and ensure a stable and timely supply of the required equipment.

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

June 3, 2021