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A MedTech marketplace with all major manufactures, distributors, and suppliers in one place. Think Amazon for medical facilities. Order everything from sutures to lidocaine. Streamline your ordering through quick search, 1-on-1 support, and the best prices.

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James Newman
“Delivers quality surgical products to our surgical centers efficiently at the most competitive prices.”
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Emily Kirby
“Significant improvement in cost savings”
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Christine B.
Clinical Administrator, RMA
“I would highly recommend Pipeline to all healthcare professionals. They won’t disappoint you!”

The brands you use and love

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Save 20 - 50% On All Your Medical Supplies

#1 Dermatology Medical Supplier in the United States!

Stress free ordering is finally here. Join thousands of dermatologists to get the best price, product availability, and customer service in the industry.

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Increase profitability, simplify your ordering

Customers typically save 20% or more annually. Streamline your ordering and material management by using our AI powered MedTech platform. No more searching around for best prices or product availability.

Free Material

Let us handle all the hassle of sourcing, compliance, and backorders.


The same brands and manufacturers you use today.


All major distributors and suppliers in one location.


Free shipping for the first 6 months, then a low minimum order amount.

Highest Quality
Dermatology Supplies

Exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers bring you more savings & benefits.

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Thousands of pharmaceuticals products, from over the counter (OTC) to controlled substances.

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The best sutures at the best prices. Period.

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Fillers and Toxins

Fillers, toxins, and other cosmetic products. Direct from the manufacturers.

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All the medical supplies you need for running your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Pipeline Medical?

Expect to save between 20% and 50% annually on your medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, and even office supplies.
There are no fees to join and no monthly or annual dues at Pipeline Medical. We only make money when you are saving money!
Our prices are negotiated directly with multiple manufacturers and distributors; such agreements do not allow us to publish price lists. Additionally, we do not change our prices. We conduct a pricing analysis of your inventory to show you how Pipeline Medical’s prices compare to your current prices – once you sign up you won’t see fluctuations in price either. Click here for a savings analysis.
No, we are neither. We are an aggregated buying group and negotiate prices based off our customers’ spending. This allows us to commit to higher contract tiers and greater volumes.

Still have questions?

We’re always ready to answer your queries.