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Where to buy wholesale masks in the US?

August 12, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way people interact socially. Wearing masks for protection has become a norm, deeming a wholesale supply of personal protective equipment the need of the hour. Currently, there are a host of wholesale mask providers across the country. However, here are some of the best places to buy wholesale masks in the US.

Pipeline Medical

Pipeline Medical is a direct distributor of reputed medical equipment manufacturers such as Medline. With a wide range of high-quality NIOSH-approved N95 masks, Pipeline Medical ensures a steady availability through multiple supply chains. Apart from consistency and timely delivery of supplies, they offer products at competitive rates along with bespoke customer service. As one of the largest wholesale vendors for quality face masks, Pipeline Medical makes sure that the masks meet the highest standards for everyone to use.


The wholesale liquidation company Quicklotz.com offers N95 and the 3 ply masks that provide all the benefits and the highest levels of protection against pathogens. They stock and sell a wide range of masks at reasonable prices. Offering high-quality products according to industry standards, Quicklotz.com allows bulk-order placement as per the requirement at subsidized costs.

The Kimberly-Clark Corporation

The professional wholesale mask company The Kimberly-Clark Corporation offers a wide variety of masks under different categories and varying price ranges. Their professional-grade services ensure the availability of the best-quality disposable and reusable masks. The Kimberly-Clark Corporation sells its products across 175 countries including the US. They offer surgical masks for medical workers and N95 respirator masks in bulk and at wholesale rates. Moreover, they offer masks in several sizes, including those for children.


Company 3M is said to be one of the largest manufacturers of N95 and surgical masks in the US. They also aim to increase their manufacturing capacity to supply protective equipment like masks to meet the increasing demands. Although they specialize in cleaners, safety products, lubricants, abrasives, adhesives, etc, they make and sell different types of masks, which are being supplied all over the country.

Moldex-Metric, Inc.

Moldex Metric Inc. is renowned and reliable manufacture of healthcare products and equipment. They manufacture respiratory masks and full-face masks. They have unique products like flat foldable masks, apart from respirators, surgical masks, N95 masks, and face shields. They supply products worldwide, with their main market in the US and Germany.


Honeywell is a reputed manufacturer and supplier of surgical masks across the US. They manufacture high-quality products from respirators, mask filters, and oxygen masks to cartridges. Honeywell ensures the safety of its workers and has supported the country with a constant supply of protective equipment to battle the coronavirus. They have a range of protective masks, surgical masks, and N95 respirators, along with masks with or without valves.

Buy Wholesale Masks Today

Pipeline Medical is one of the biggest suppliers of face masks produced by some of the best manufacturers in the US. Maintaining the highest standards of protection, the masks from Pipeline Medical help keep pollutants and pathogens at bay. If you are looking for the right wholesale supplier of reusable or disposable face masks, contact Pipeline Medical today.

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

August 12, 2021