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Top 5 Surgery Centers Supply Companies in The World

February 18, 2022

Surgery centers play an extremely important role during emergencies. The decisions they take and the treatment they deliver could be the difference between life and death. Thanks to constant innovations in medical devices, surgical materials, pharmaceuticals, and distribution, surgery centers remain well-equipped to handle emergency surgeries at the drop of a hat.

There cannot be any delay in the supply of materials from factory to surgical care units because lives are at stake. A subsection of this field is Imaging center supply which also needs to be on point. Here is a curated list of the top 5 surgery center supply companies in the world that are responsible for a majority of the world’s surgical good supply.

1. McKesson Corp.

Founded in 1833, McKesson is one of the oldest wholesale distributors of pharmaceutical and medical goods in the world today. McKesson is renowned for its deep expertise in the healthcare supply chain. It offers a wide selection of surgical instruments, sterilization equipment, lighting, and other supplies for medical practitioners, laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

In line with modern-day needs, McKesson also offers a web-based ordering and inventory management system, along with several online tools to improve the purchasing efficiency of medical facilities. It has been streamlining the supply of surgical goods across the US, Canada, and Europe longer than any company today.

2. AmerisourceBergen Corp.

AmerisourceBergen is an American drug wholesale corporation formed in 2001 by the merger of Bergen Brunswick and Amerisource. Its main operations consist of drug distribution and consultancy relating to business operations.

AmericaSourceBergen is known for its finesse at supply chain management and distributes a range of surgical products by other brands including orthopedics, sutures, and various instruments. It has over 150 offices worldwide and networks with roughly 20,000 global distribution associates.

3. Medline Industries

Medline Industries is a leading American Healthcare company and the largest private manufacturer of medical supplies in the United States. It was founded in 1912 as a local manufacturer of surgical garments in a small town in Illinois. Today Medline has operations complete with clinical programs, educational courses, and offices in over 20 countries. It’s a global leader in medical device innovation, healthcare supply, and educational programs.

Medline serves a tremendous variety of healthcare facilities, from acute care to surgery centers and physician offices. Their range of products includes gloves, nursing supplies, anesthesia, and hospital equipment. An interesting trivia about the company is that Medline created the first ever FDA-approved face mask.

4. Medtronic

Medtronic is an Ireland-based medical device company famous for being the world’s largest manufacturer of medical devices, including surgical apparatus. It comprises an astounding 90,000 employees operating in over 150 countries across the globe. Every year, Medtronic manages to come out as one of the top contenders for innovations in medical science. Medtronic carries out extensive research in 4 major areas of healthcare including Minimally invasive Therapies, Diabetes, Cardiac and Vascular Therapies and Restorative Therapies

Over the years, Medtronic has researched and developed medical therapies along with millions of devices to treat illnesses like Heart Failure, Obesity, Down Syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease. In 2020 Medtronic launched a successful series of mini-pacemakers for bradyarrhythmia control to help patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

5. Henry Schein Inc.

Henry Schein is a name synonymous with social responsibility in the healthcare supply industry. It is known for being an efficient distributor capable of delivering the best quality results, with value-added services at high profitability. Henry Schein’s distribution network spans over 32 countries and offers a selection of over 120,000 medical products, including surgical products for endo-surgery, pain management, and hemostasis.

With a workforce of over 18,000 professionals worldwide and an air-tight distribution network, Henry Schein delivers more than 300 innovative solutions to a million customers globally. These solutions have helped various healthcare facilities and practitioners achieve better clinical outcomes, reduced operational failure, and increased the overall quality of healthcare.

Needless to say, surgical centers need to receive a steady supply of consumables, updates to existing medical care software and medical devices in order to operate. Thus, whether it is surgery center supply or image center supply, the supply partner is of paramount importance.

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

February 18, 2022