Top 5 practices that need antibacterial wipes on a daily basis

June 10, 2021

Since the pandemic, hygiene has become a huge concern, resulting in increased use of sanitizers and disinfectant wipes. Over the last year, reports suggest that there was a 17% increase in the sale of antibacterial wipes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Antibacterial wipes are now used across the board from hospitals to homes. Here is all you need to know about antibacterial wipes and where they can be used.

Antibacterial wipes

Antibacterial wipes are wet tissues or towels that are soaked in sanitizer or disinfectant liquid. They are used to wipe skin or surfaces as they are safe and effective for killing microorganisms like bacteria. These disinfectant towelettes often come in packs or containers, making them convenient and easy to use. Instead of using cloth, an antibacterial wipe is a much more efficient and safer way to disinfect or clean skin or working surfaces.

The towelettes can be made of cellulose, polyester, polypropylene, or biodegradable fabrics. They may vary in quality and size depending on the material used. These wipes have sanitizer or disinfectant on them. When they come in contact with a surface, the wet disinfectant kills and eliminates harmful bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms on it and sterilizes the surface.

Advantages of using antibacterial wipes include the following:

  1. They are efficient, time-saving, convenient to use, and easy to dispose of.
  2. They can be used to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  3. They are cost-effective and affordable.
  4. They can be used in daily life to keep a surface safe and clean while maintaining hygiene at home or at a workspace, healthcare facility, public place, and so on.

Top 5 practices that require antibacterial wipes

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Antibacterial wipes are extremely helpful in preventing the spread of infections or diseases. They are a powerful, multi-use tool to maintain hygiene at home and work. Here are some activities that require antibacterial wipes on a daily basis.

  1. Sterilizing a patient’s skin before surgery

Bacteria present on the skin can cause infection in and around a surgical wound. Doctors and healthcare workers use antibacterial or antiseptic wipes to clean and sterilize the skin before performing surgery.

  1. Cleaning hands and face

In hospitals, doctors and nurses also use antibacterial wipes to sterilize their own hands before a surgical procedure to ensure that the incision does not get contaminated or infected.

Many people prefer to use antibacterial wipes to clean their hands instead of washing them. Since the wipes are easy to carry around, they can be kept handy and used to wipe hands after eating or touching an unclean surface. Sometimes, they can also be used to wipe the face. However, if the wipes contain strong disinfectants, they should not be used on the face or on sensitive skin.

  1. Cleaning surfaces and objects

Antibacterial wipes can be very useful to clean surfaces. They are used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces on which sterile instruments are placed. They can also be used to disinfect objects that are prone to contamination in hospitals, such as door handles.

They can be used at home to clean kitchen surfaces and other platforms, and some people use them at work to ensure a clean desk. Objects prone to gathering dirt like computer screens, tablets, household items, etc. can also be disinfected using antibacterial wipes. Equipment used in hospitals can also be sterilized using antibacterial wipes.

  1. Helping young children and older people stay clean

Wet antibacterial wipes can be used to wipe infants and young children. They can also be used by caregivers to wipe the skin of patients and older people who cannot clean themselves or wash up. These wipes can come in different sizes ranging from tissues to bigger towels. They are non-toxic and can be used to wipe and disinfect the skin.

  1. Keeping pets clean

There are antibacterial wipes specially made for pets like dogs or cats. They can be used to wipe the coat, paws, and face of pets to prevent bacterial infections, ringworms, and fungal growth.

Staying sterilized

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As a multipurpose tool, antibacterial wipes can be used in so many ways to keep infections and diseases at bay. They are extremely useful to have and can come in handy at any given time. Contact Pipeline Medical to choose from a range of antibacterial wipes that suit your needs.

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

June 10, 2021