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How Pipeline Medical leads in Supply Chain Management

December 18, 2021

What is SCM?

Supply chain management (SCM) deals with the overall management of the flow of goods, products, and services from order to delivery. SCM dates to ancient times, beginning with the first products, ever made and sold. Since then, with the addition of advancements in technology, supply chain management companies can now do a more efficient job of providing such services. Aldair Monja outlines the 7 principles of supply chain management; one of the most important being to customize the logistics network to the service requirement and profitability of the customer. Pipeline Medical takes care of every leg of the procurement process of supply chain management, from ordering to distributing, managing as well as shipping quickly and efficiently.


Unlike many other companies, Pipeline Medical prides itself on being a single-source medical supply provider that serves non-acute customers. Pipeline acts as a GPO or Group Purchasing Organization. This means that they provide various healthcare entities the opportunity for savings and discounts when purchasing products. Pipeline drives down costs by 20-50% for their clients while providing fast, quick, and reliable shipping paired with the highest in quality care. Pipeline supplies products for a variety of healthcare facilities, including surgery centers, physician’s offices, assisted living facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, urgent care, long-term care centers, and more.

All-Inclusive Experiences

The Pipeline Medical website allows consumers and medical professionals to purchase healthcare-related products from a wide variety of distributors and manufacturers alike. Once the order is placed, sit back, and relax while Pipeline does all the work. Also offered, are complimentary material management services to provide a more streamlined and efficient process. Offering products such as medical and surgical supplies, injectables, pharmaceuticals, as well as custom packs, office supplies, and protective personal equipment (PPE) make the options endless when ordering from Pipeline.

What Separates Pipeline from Its Competitors

When choosing Pipeline Medical as your medical/surgical supply provider, not only are you receiving state-of-the-art products, but services such as contract compliance, product allocations, and importing oversight ensures that your orders are being cared for properly from the moment the order is placed, through fulfillment, shipment, and delivery. Every single one of their products meets FDA guidelines, and Pipeline utilizes multiple factories across the globe to fulfill procurement orders. Products are also trackable from beginning to end, and these services are what makes Pipeline stand out amongst competitors across the globe.

To read more about supply chain management:

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by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

December 18, 2021