Women Wearing KN95 Mask

Improve the way masks protect you

March 10, 2021

How to wear masks

Using masks correctly and consistently is a key step that everyone can take to prevent the acquisition and spread of COVID-19. Masks work best when everyone wears them, but not all masks provide the same protection. When choosing a mask, please check its suitability, the degree of air filtration and the number of layers it has.

Two important ways to ensure the best effect of the mask

  1. Make sure your mask fits tightly to your face. The gap allows air with breathing droplets to seep in and out around the edge of the mask
  2. Choose a layered mask to prevent droplets from your respiratory tract and prevent others from entering. If you are sick, a multi-layered mask can prevent more breathing droplets from entering or escaping from the mask.

Choose a mask with a nose line

  • The nose line is the metal strip along the top of the mask
  • The nose line prevents air from leaking from the top of the mask.
  • Bend the nasal line above the nose so that it is close to the face.

KN95 Mask

Use a Mask Fitter or Brace

Use a mask fitter or brace over a disposable mask or a cloth mask to prevent air from leaking around the edges of the mask.

Check that it Fits Snugly over your nose, mouth, and chin Check for gaps by cupping your hands around the outside edges of the mask.

Make sure no air is flowing from the area near your eyes or from the sides of the mask.

If the mask has a good fit, you will feel warm air come through the front of the mask and may be able to see the mask material move in and out with each breath

Add material layer

Mask Layers

2 layers

  • Use cloth masks with multiple layers of fabric.
  • Wear a disposable mask under the cloth mask.
    • The second mask should push the edge of the inner mask towards your face.

Make sure you can see and breathe easily.

Women Wearing KN95 Mask

Knotting and earrings of three-layer mask

  • Knot the earrings of the tri-layer mask to connect with the edge of the mask
  • Fold unwanted materials and tuck them under the edges
  • For video instructions, please see:

Combine two disposable masks

The design of disposable masks cannot fit tightly, and wearing more than one will not improve the fit.

Combine the KN95 mask with any other mask (only one KN95 mask can be used at a time).

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

March 10, 2021