• CE Certified KN95 Mask
  • KN95 Mask ear looop for quick wear
  • KN95 Mask flexible nose bridge
  • KN95 Mask non-woven fabric

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CE Certified KN95 Mask


Minimum Order Requirement 10 units

KN95 provides a ≥95% filtration rate.

  • Self-suction filter respirators
  • Adjustable nose clip helps provide a custom fit and secure seal
  • Very comfortable fit
  • Easy to breathe
  • Foldable disposable mask
  • Do not wash
  • Flexible Nose Bridge – Fits Nose Contour
  • Ear Looop for Quick Wear
  • Material: Non-woven fabric, bridge adjustable
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Product Description

KN95 Mask non-woven fabric
KN95 Mask flexible nose bridge
KN95 Mask ear looop for quick wear
CE Certified KN95 Mask

CE Certified KN95 Mask

The first layer is 60g first-grade PP non-woven cloth, the second layer and the third layer are 25g (or combined with one layer of 40-50g reinforcement and thickening) BFE99 filtering rate melting spray cloth, the fourth layer is 60g first-grade electrostatic hot air cotton to ensure smooth breathing, and the fifth layer is skin-friendly SSS non-woven cloth. This product is a folded disposable mask. It is not allowed to be washed. If the mask is damaged or stained, discard it immediately and replace it with a new one.

FDA and CE certification available.

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