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Find out why non-account health care providers trust Pipeline Medical everyday as their material management and procurement partner. Since 2008 Pipeline saves each customer thousands of dollars annually and 8 – 12 hours of administration time. With significant savings on your favorite brands, next day shipping on over 400,000 products, and a free membership – don’t be left out.

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How Pipeline Medical Works

Pipeline Services

Product Savings

20-50% savings on the same products you use today. Simple.

Admin. Support

Save 8-12 hours weekly on administration time.

Web & Phone

Ordering options to meet your needs.

Order Processing

Ensuring your products arrive on time.

Price Tiers

Let us negotiate and manage the complex web of pricing.

Backorder Support

Sourcing products from multiple locations and distributors. Getting difficult to find products.

Product Experts

Our customer service team can help find you what you’re looking for.


Save 8-12 hours weekly on administration time.


Hassle free returns.

Customer Service

We are here when you need us, for whatever your need, our team of experts are here to make your life easier.

Product Support

Information to fully understand the products to their fullest potential.

Custom Reports

Get the data you need to make better decisions.