How to Become a Pipeline Medical Member

Cost-Savings Analysis:

To receive a FREE cost-savings analysis, simply provide us with your top 15-20 products.

We analyze your items, and provide you with the savings you would realize by joining Pipeline Medical.

The Onboarding Process:

Step 1

Submit DEA and Medical Licenses

Step 2

Complete Membership Agreement

Step 3

Choose items for “easy picks”

Step 4

Complete your first order

Pipeline Member Receive:

  • Contract & license compliance management
  • Alternative products options across distributors
  • Invoice and billing options
  • Product specialist experts
  • Product Research
  • Fulfillment and expedited shipping options
  • Office supply and professional service discounts
  • Credit card processing fee waived
  • Material maintenance optimization
  • 20% – 50% Product savings
  • Aggregated buying power
  • Outsourced material management
  • Access to higher contract tiers
  • Locked in pricing and price parity
  • Reconcile pricing discrepancies
  • Tier Options
  • Budget and forecast stabilization
  • Single purchasing platform for all supply needs

Membership Options:







If you have any questions, please Contact Us