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Clear Health Pass offers the newest, fastest, easiest and most efficient way to test for COVID-19. Provide a triple verification system on SARS-CoV-2 and ever mutating variants arising today.

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Based On Initial Clinical Data & Research

Rapid Detection of SARS-CoV-2 and Select Variants

Able to detect COVID variants and early stage infections, even in asymptomatic cases

Clear Health Pass

Able to detect COVID variants and early stage infections, even in asymptomatic cases.

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Legislative, Executive, Judicial, Military, and Clerical and Administrative Employees.

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Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Assisted living and Home Health Car.

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Hospitality, Travel, Manufacturing, Food, Communications, Advertising, Education, Construction, and Religious.

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Over the counter test available for self testing of covid at home.


5 minute COVID-19 test results in 3 easy steps

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1. Sampling

Holding handle, place white absorbent pad end under the patient’s tongue until the “Volume Indicator” on the device changes color. The collection should take less than two minutes.

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2. Collection

Place the pad into the extractor and slowly push the saliva into the sample tube. Be sure that the saliva volume is at or above the fill line indicated in the specimen tube. If not, remove the absorbent pad from the extractor and repeat Sampling (Step 1).

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3. Begin Test

Close the cap on the specimen tube. The reagent will then dispense and mix with the patient’s saliva by closing the cap on the specimen tube. First, shake the specimen tube for 30 seconds. Then place the specimen tube in the specimen tray provided.

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5 Minute Rapid Color Change

Set Your Timer For 5 Minutes. Unlike “Other” Rapid Antigen Tests, Results Can Be Read Anytime After 5 Minutes Up To 24 Hours. After 5 Minutes, Any Color Change Will Denote That The Patient Has Tested Positive For SARS-COV-2. However, Optical Validation Is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED To Ensure That The Patient Is Free From Early Infection.

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Rapid Color Change can be affected by the volume of antigen present in the saliva. For example, an early infection will still trigger a color change. However, if the antigen volume is low, then the color change may be very slight. Optical scanning via the CHP telehealth app is free, and our software can detect a positive test, even if human eyes cannot see the color change.”

False Negative Defense, If Positive Test Outcome

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Place your sample in the biohazard bag included.

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Place the vial and label into our prepaid express mailer.

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Please print out the label provided to you by our telehealth platform.

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Our lab will upload results within 24 hours while maintaining HIPPA Compliance Standards.

Clear Pass OTC Logistics

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Sealed kits and testing reagents should be stored between 2C/35F but not exceed 30C/86F.

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