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How to spot fake Herclean wipes in six easy steps

April 7, 2021

The reality of the disinfecting-wipes market 

A major scam of fake wipes and cleaning products came to the surface towards the end of last year whereby it was revealed that scores of people were duped. Hundreds of complaints by the customers forced the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to initiate legal action against the fraudsters. Although the fake websites selling knock-off products or failing to deliver any products at all were taken down, thousands of consumers were already defrauded by then.

As the world struggles to recover from the pandemic, it can be assumed that the soaring demand for disinfecting wipes, sanitizing agents, and cleaning products will continue to attract such malicious actors to run such vicious scams. Hence, now more than ever, there is a need to stay alert and take the necessary steps to identify fake products.

Herclean Wipes

The Herclean brand has gained massive popularity for its quality products and for its broad spectrum of disinfecting wipes for different purposes. The Herclean products are manufactured and distributed by Sunshine Global LLC – a US-based company that has a global presence and has built a reputation for making high-quality sanitizing, disinfecting, and cleaning products. Herclean offers a wide range of wipes in categories such as alcohol wipes, disinfecting wipes, antibacterial wipes, antiviral wipes, antiseptic wipes, baby wipes, and more. With rampant cases of fake products taking over the market, it is necessary to know the features of the original products. Let’s understand how to identify the counterfeit Herclean wipes and know the other precautions to take.

Precautions while buying the Herclean wipes

Herclean Wipes Flat Pack 2

1) Label and logo

The original product is labelled and distributed by Kanga Medical supplies Company Ltd. And the original label will display what it is used for, like is it disinfecting, or antibacterial or antiviral, etc. It will have other information like product details, its composition, directions to use, warning, contents, etc. You can always check the information available on the packaging with the original website to be sure that you have the right product. Herclean has a unique logo and is an EPA-approved brand, so if you find any discrepancy in the logo then it’s a major red flag.

2) Flash Sales 

During COVID, a fake website that was later taken down by FTC mentioned that it had sold 1200 units of pesticides while the rest of the market was struggling to keep up with the demand. Upon deeper inspection, the website was obviously found to be fake. Hence, it is advised to stay away from flash sales because the chances of fake products being sold during flash sales are quite high.

3) High Claims 

Herclean is an EPA-approved brand that is reported to be effective against the virus only for a certain duration after being used and does not provide protection for extremely long durations. If the Herclean wipes available on-store or online claim to give long-lasting protection then it is certainly a counterfeit product.

4)Dubious Websites

It is recommended to buy Herclean wipes only from trusted websites. A preliminary check is to see if something feels amiss about the website like its logo, layout or overall setup. You can then investigate more about the website by reading through reviews and through a search engine. If you find any online complaints against the website, it is best to avoid the website. Disinfecting wipes, in general, have a huge demand-supply gap and hence fake wipes may find a way on the websites. Secondly, also check if Herclean wipes are out of stock on the other websites because only one website cannot have abundant supply while other websites have run dry.

5) Terms and conditions for online orders

Check out the following factors while placing online orders:

  1. Total cost of Herclean wipes and compare it with the ones available elsewhere.
  2. If the price is inclusive of taxes and shipping fee or are there any hidden costs that pop out at the last stage on the order page.
  3. Check out if the expected delivery time is fair.
  4. Read the terms of the return policy.

6) Payments

Did you know that payments made by credit card are covered under Federal Law and you are eligible to receive the full amount in case you don’t get the product that you ordered online? If you receive fake wipes, first approach the customer service and if the issue is not resolved you have a right to file a dispute case. If you are skeptical about the order make sure you make the payment using a credit card to use the immunity just in case you land up with counterfeit Herclean wipes.

The bottom line 

Although many knock-off products are circulating in the market, it is advisable to investigate a few things before placing the order. You can buy Herclean wipes from Pipeline medical, which is a trusted medical supplier that provides free shipping, a 100% money-back guarantee, and more. If you find any counterfeit Herclean wipes do report the scam on FTC website so that appropriate legal action can be initiated.

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

April 7, 2021