How telehealth is transforming businesses during COVID-19

February 23, 2022

The unprecedented health crisis put the whole world under lockdown as it affected every sector and every business across the globe. Gradually, we adopted digital tools to find our new normal. Bringing medical help an attention right at our doorsteps, TeleHealth really turned up as something of a lifesaver during the pandemic.

Unsurprisingly so here is an amazing fact that shows just how far Telehealth has come. Did you know that telehealth space has grown 38 times from pre-COVID times? So, let’s understand the multiple benefits of telehealth and how telehealth services will help businesses overcome the COVID-19 related losses.

Eliminates the contact risk

With features such as video services unlocked for the consumers the risk of contamination is brought down considerably. This works in favor of businesses that want the best for their employees and look at their physical well-being while maintaining business continuity. Pipeline Medical’s Smart Service allows businesses to offer health services to the employees via video services. You don’t even have to be worried about the business disruption as the service offers virtual visits built around the work schedules. Super easy, isn’t it?

Seamless infrastructure

The interface is constantly evolving to incorporate the changes to meet the new requirement of the consumer during the various phases of restrictions being imposed. Did you know that 64% of the healthcare players across the world is consciously investing in this space? This will enable them to offer a better quality of telehealth services. The user-friendly and easy-to-navigate platforms are changing the perceptions of the people allowing them to embrace this new change instantly. At Pipeline Medical we take this seriously and hence our Self service comes with a compliance dashboard that will allow you to keep a track of vaccination status and other related data. This will ensure you have all the data of your employees at the click of a button.

Preserves critical PPE

At an outset of the pandemic when the world was unprepared for the serious crisis, we faced shortages of many essential items including food, tissue paper, PPEs, and more. As we move to telehealth services, we can preserve life essentials and COVID essentials. Imagine the number of PPE and masks that can be preserved if all employees are covered through telehealth services. They can simply use this service instead of physically going to the clinic or pharmacy. What if we tell you that we, at Pipeline Medical offer testing programs for several businesses, sometimes free of cost. You can visit our website to find if your organization qualifies for the free testing programs.

Keeps your employees a step ahead

Do you find yourself stressed from always preparing the material sourced from several channels, conducting training sessions to keep your staff updated with the latest update and latest norms? Telehealth service is changing this too. Ensuring your business is compliant with ever-changing SOPs, you can simply guide your employees by opting to consume content readily available, upgraded with the latest developments. We, at Pipeline Medical, conduct a live webinar, every Monday on how to be compliant with OSHA testing guidelines.

Low to no cost for the employees

Depending on the service provider and the employer’s capability to provide low to no-cost telehealth services, the employees can enjoy the full benefits that come with the package. The various telehealth packages available to the business offer greater choice to opt for the right services depending on the size of their workforce. This allows the employers to take the necessary steps to ensure their employees are safe and OSHO compliant. On the other hand, employees don’t have to bear the extra cost to take care of their well-being. At Pipeline Medical we offer several features such as on-site testing solutions, data and compliance software, telemedicine, tests, and more. Moreover, as per your requirement, you can choose between, Self Service, Smart Service, or Full Service Package.

So, this is how telehealth services are helping businesses across the globe to embrace the new normal and overcome COVID-19 related challenges. If you have more queries, please know that we are just a call away. Stay healthy and stay safe!

by Kinza Khan
by Kinza Khan

February 23, 2022